Python Interface With MySQL

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Python Interface With MySQL

Python MySQL Tutorial Using MySQL Connector Python

This Python MySQL tutorial demonstrates how to develop and integrate Python applications that work with a MySQL database server. Python is a dynamic language, and it has all the support to build large and complex enterprise database-centric applications using MySQL.

Total 5 modules available in python to communicate with a MySQL and provides MySQL database support to our applications.

1. MySQL Connector Python
2. PyMySQL
4. mysqlclient
5. OurSQL

Note: Above all interfaces or modules are adhere to Python Database API Specification that means the syntax, method and the way of access database is the same in all.


You can choose any of the above modules as per your requirements. The way of accessing the MySQL database remains the same. I recommend you to use any of the following two modules:-

1. MySQL Connector Python
2. PyMySQL

Note: This tutorial based on MySQL Connector Python module.

MySQL Connector Python has the following advantages: –
• MySQL Connector Python is written in pure Python, and it is self-sufficient to execute database queries through python.
• It is an official Oracle-supported driver to work with MySQL and python.
• It is Python 3 compatible, actively maintained.


All sample examples mentioned in this article are created using MySQL Connector Python. If you are using any other module to work with a MySQL database server, don’t worry. Examples mentioned in this tutorial can also work only you need to change the import statements.