Python Django

What is FrameWork
Python Django

Python Django 3

Features of Django

* Helps you to define patterns for the URLs in your application
* Simple but powerful URL system
* Built-in authentication system
* Object-oriented programming language database which offers best in class data storage and retrieval
* Automatic admin interface feature allows the functionality of adding, editing and deleting items. You can customize the admin panel as per your need.
* Cache framework comes with multiple cache mechanisms.

Characteristics of Django

* Loosely Coupled − Django helps you to make each element of its stack independent of the others.
* Less code – Ensures effective development
* Not repeated- Everything should be developed in precisely one place instead of repeating it again
* Fast development- Django’s offers fast and reliable application development.
* Consistent design – Django maintains a clean design and makes it easy to follow the best web development practices.