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HTML Interview Questions

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Q #1) What does HTML stand for?

Q #2) Describe HTML?

Q #3) Write the basic structure of the HTML template?

Q #4) What is HTML5?

Q #5) Name some new features which were not present in HTML but are added to HTML5?

Q #6) What is HTML?

Q #7) What are Tags?

Q #8) Do all HTML tags have an end tag?

Q #9) What is formatting in HTML?

Q #10) How many types of heading does an HTML contain?

Q #11) How to create a hyperlink in HTML?

Q #12) Which HTML tag is used to display the data in the tabular form?

Q #13) What are some common lists that are used when designing a page?

Q #14) What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

Q #15) What is semantic HTML?

Q #16) What is an image map?

Q #17) How to insert a copyright symbol on a browser page?

Q #18) How to create a nested webpage in HTML?

Q #19) How do you keep list elements straight in an HTML file?

Q #20) Does a hyperlink only apply to text?

Page 1(Q1-Q20)     Page 2(Q21-Q40)


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