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Get the Best IDE for Python Programming

This post features the ten best Python IDE for easy and quick coding. It highlights their essential features so that you can select the right Python IDE for your projects.

Usually, IDLE is the Python IDE that comes with the standard Python package. It allows quick editing and execution of Python scripts. However, it lacks a lot of features that can increase speed and boost productivity.

Hence, you need the right IDE to fulfill your project development goals.

PyDev Plugin for Eclipse – Best Python IDE [Freeware]
PyCharm – The Best IDE for Python Developers [Paid + Fully-featured version]
Wing IDE – Python Programming
Cloud9 – The Revolutionary Python IDE
Eric – The Open Source Python IDE
Spyder Python – Best Python IDE for Data Science
Sublime Text 3 – Full Stack Python IDE
Ninja – The Flexible Python IDE
Komodo IDE – The Best IDE for WEB and Mobile Development
VIM – A Bare Bone Python IDE

All of these IDEs are extremely popular and ranked as the best.

Top 10 Python IDEs For Python Programming

1. PyDev Plugin For Eclipse – Best Python IDE [Freeware]

PyDev is one of the commonly used Python IDE and is a natural choice of many Python developers coming from Java background. It is the 5th most popular Eclipse plugin by its all-time usage count. Also, it is meaningless to say that you won’t need to spare a penny to land it in your service.

It was Aleksandar Totic, who is famous for his contribution to Mosaic browser, worked on PyDev project during 2003-2004. However, Fabio Zadrozny is now the developer actively maintaining the plugin.

Working with PyDev is a no-brainer for existing Eclipse users. However, if you are not, then it won’t take you long to learn Eclipse.

PyDev brings some promising features for Python programmers that are more than enough to make them choose it as the best Python IDE. Its top features are Django integration, Just-In-Time Python debugging, auto code completion, code inspection, Go to the definition, and refactoring. It supports GIT integration for source code control, also enables code coverage, UML views, and allows editing. On top of these features, it adds functions like smart indent, bracket identification, error markup, and facilitates unit testing. You can even use its keyboard shortcuts and ease up on using Mouse for every IDE action.

With such an incredible feature list, there is nothing which can beat PyDev to become the best Python IDE. But it is customary to mention that the plugin also has a sibling known as LICLIPSE. It is a superset of PyDev and adds support for Django templates, Dart, HTML, JS, and CSS. Though, it costs a license before use.

2. PyCharm – The Best IDE For Python Developers [Paid + Fully-Featured Version]

PyCharm is a complete Python IDE loaded with a rich set of features. It is a software company, JetBrains, which is behind the development of PyCharm. And it has left no stone unturned in making this tool up to date while meeting the growing needs of Python developers.

It is an enterprise-level product which offers two variations – the first is community edition, free for non-commercial usage and next is the premium version for advanced as well as enterprise users.

For beginners, the free version is enough to start their work and get going. It includes almost every feature you might seek in an IDE – Auto code completion, quick project navigation, built-in version control support, code inspection/refactoring, PEP8 quality audit, fast error checking and correction, UI level debugging and integrated AUT testing. A few more prominent features that it adds are the integration with IPyhon notebook and support for Anaconda as well as packages like NumPy and MatPlotLib for scientific computing.

High-level features like remote development support, database accessibility, and ability to use extensible web development frameworks (WDF) exist only in the premium version of PyCharm.

Most developers choose it as the best Python IDE because of its sheer scale to work with a no. of WDFs like Django, Web2Py, GAPP, Flask, and Pyramid. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best IDEs for creating small to large scale web applications.