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Data visualization using pyplot

Types of visualization

Matplotlib can be used to explore the basic plotting capabilities for single or multiple lines. We can add information to the plots such as legends, axis labels, and titles. It also provides the capability to save a plot to a file for further use.

There are many types of visualization present in Matplotlib. Some of the famous are lint plot, scatter plot, histogram, box plot, bar chart, and pie chart.

Basic Visualization rules

There are some basic rules we should be aware of before we proceed to plot.

1. We have to choose as appropriate plot type

2. when we choose the type of plot, one of the most important is to label the axis. if we don’t do this, the plot is not informative enough. When there are no axis labels, we can try to look at the code to see what data is used and we can understand the plot.

3. we can add a title to make out plot more informative

4. add labels for different categories when needed.

5. optionally we can add a text or an arrow at interesting data points.

6. in some cases we can use some sizes and colors of the data to make the plot more informative.

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