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C++ MCQ’S | Basics

C++ Programming Questions and Answers – Basics

This set of C++ Programming Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Basics of C++”.

Which of the following is called address operator?

a) *
b) &
c) _
d) %


Which of the following is a correct identifier in C++?

a) 7abc
b) 7_abc
c) abc_1234
d) $abc_name

Which of the following is the correct syntax of including a user defined header files in C++?

a) #include <userdefined.h>
b) #include <userdefined>
c) #include “userdefined”
d) #include [userdefined]

Which of the following is used for comments in C++?

a) // comment
b) /* comment */
c) both // comment or /* comment */
d) // comment */

What are the actual parameters in C++?

a) Parameters with which functions are called
b) Parameters which are used in the definition of a function
c) Variables other than passed parameters in a function
d) Variables that are never used in the function