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C++ Language MCQ’S | OOPs Concepts Set 2 1

Which operator is overloaded for a cout object?

a) >>
b) <<
c) <
d) >

Which of the following cannot be used with the virtual keyword?

a) Class
b) Member functions
c) Constructors
d) Destructors

Which concept is used to implement late binding?

a) Virtual functions
b) Operator functions
c) Constant functions
d) Static functions

Which of the following is correct?

a) C++ allows static type checking
b) C++ allows dynamic type checking.
c) C++ allows static member function to be of type const.
d) C++ allows both static and dynamic type checking

Which of the following supports the concept that reusability is a desirable feature of a language?

a) It reduces the testing time
b) It reduces maintenance cost
c) It decreases the compilation time
d) It reduced both testing and maintenance time