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C++ Language MCQ’S | OOPs Concepts Set 1

How compile-time polymorphisms are implemented in C++?

a) Using Inheritance
b) Using Virtual functions
c) Using Templates
d) Using Inheritance and Virtual functions

Which of the following is an abstract data type?

a) int
b) float
c) class
d) string

Which concept means the addition of new components to a program as it runs?

a) Data hiding
b) Dynamic binding
c) Dynamic loading
d) Dynamic typing

Which of the following explains the overloading of functions?

a) Virtual polymorphism
b) Transient polymorphism
c) Ad-hoc polymorphism
d) Pseudo polymorphism

Which of the following approach is used by C++?

a) Top-down
b) Bottom-up
c) Left-right
d) Right-left