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C++ Language MCQ’S | OOPs Concepts Set 1

Which of the following shows multiple inheritances?

a) A->B->C
b) A->B; A->C
c) A,B->C
d) B->A

How access specifiers in Class helps in Abstraction?

a) They does not helps in any way
b) They allows us to show only required things to outer world
c) They help in keeping things together
d) Abstraction concept is not used in classes

C++ is ______________

a) procedural programming language
b) object oriented programming language
c) functional programming language
d) both procedural and object oriented programming language

What does modularity mean?

a) Hiding part of program
b) Subdividing program into small independent parts
c) Overriding parts of program
d) Wrapping things into single unit

Which of the following feature of OOPs is not used in the following C++ code?

class A
int i;
void print(){cout<<“hello”<<i;}

class B: public A
int j;
void assign(int a){j = a;}

a) Abstraction
b) Encapsulation
c) Inheritance
d) Polymorphism