C Language MCQ’S : Operators and Expressions Set 2

C programming language provides operations which deal directly with objects such as

A. strings and sets
B. lists and arrays
C. characters, integers, and floating point numbers
D. all of these


C programming language by itself provides

A. input facility
B. output facility
C. both input and output facilities
D. no input and output facilities


The variables which can be accessed by all modules in a program, are called

A. local variables
B. internal variables
C. external variable
D. global variables


The rule for implicit type conversion in ‘C’ is

A. int < unsigned < float < double
B. unsigned < int < float < double
C. int < unsigned < double < float
D. unsigned < int < double < float


Consider the following statement

#define hypotenuse (a, b) sqrt (a*a + b*b);
The macro-call hypotenuse (a + 2, b + 3);

A. finds hypotenuse of triangle with sides a + 2 and b+3
B. finds square root of (a + 2)2 + (b + 3)2
C. is meaningless
D. finds square root of 3*a + 4*b + 5