C Language MCQ’S : Operators and Expressions Set 2

An external variable

A. is globally accessible by all functions
B. has a declaration
C. will be initialized to 0 if not initialized
D. all of these


The declaration “unsigned u” indicates u is a/an

A. unsigned character
B. unsigned integer
C. character
D. none of’ these


A declaration “short int” is used for variables

A. which have a short duration in a program
B. which have short names
C. which may require less storage than normal integers
D. all of these


Which of the following ‘C’ type is not a primitive data structure?

A. int
B. float
C. char
D. none of these


Printing a character as an integer

A. results in the printing of a negative integer
B. always prints a positive integer
C. prints a value that is implementation dependent
D. none of these