C Language MCQ’S | Declarations and Initializations 8

Which of the following is not an iterative statement?

A. while
B. do while
C. switch
D. for

What is the purpose of getc()?

A. read a character from STDIN
B. read a character from a file
C. read all file
D. read file randomly

Which data structure type is NOT linear from the following?

A. Doubly Link List
B. 2D Array
C. Binary Search Tree
D. Queue

Which of the following sorting algorithms does NOT have a worst-case running time of O(n2)?

A. Insertion sort
B. Merge sort
C. Quicksort
D. Bubble sort

How many times is a do while loop guaranteed to loop?

A. 0
B. Variable
C. 1
D. Infinitely