C Language MCQ’S | Declarations and Initializations 7

The ________ operator is true only when both the operands are true.

A. or
B. and
C. boolean
D. bitwiseor

________ function is used to move the file position to desired location within the file.

A. fread
B. fwrite
C. fseek
D. fscanf

The do…while looping statement

A. is executed only once if the condition is true.
B. is also known as entry-controlled loop.
C. is executed at least once if the condition is false.
D. is unconditional looping statement..

Which of these assignments is invalid?

A. short s = 48;
B. float f = 4.3;
C. double d = 4.3;
D. int I = `1`;

Which is an invalid name of identifier?

A. world
B. addition23
C. test-name
D. factorial