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rajeshshuklacatalyst – What we are , How we started and what we deliver?

Hey Friends, Welcome To rajeshshuklacatalyst.com!

Since you are here to view this page, it implies that you are curious to know more about RajeshShuklaCatalyst which is a blog for programmers (both beginners and professionals) ,  engineers, and aspiring bloggers.

Another point that you might be thinking is that who are those putting up their best efforts to make this blog a success.

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Rajesh Shukla , Co-Founder of rajeshshuklacatalyst.com. I’m a Computer Science Graduate from Ajmer University and a Master of Computer Applications (MCA).

I’ve worked with large MNCs and spent years doing Software development, product design, testing and automation using C/C++, Visual C++, Python, Java, J2EE, C#, DotNet  and a no. of other technologies.

Apart from me, I got active support from my readers and a few volunteers who all are highly qualified software engineers.

I started this blog with only one objective, i.e., deliver information in its most simplistic form. It’s our tagline as well – “Give Vision To Your Future.” Next, I’m passionate about writing and entrepreneurship which led me to start this website.

Also, I’ve always been the one who likes to help co-workers, friends, and team members in their work. And there couldn’t be a better platform than a technology blog where I can reach to millions of people and assist them with high-quality programming tutorials.

What Problem Are We Solving

When I began development and coding, there were not so many good and free online resources. And whatever there were, those were not easy to learn.

While working in the Software industry, I realized that people tend to have a way of presenting things more complexly. I also learned that often the simple solutions prove to be the best ones but have their respective execution challenges.

Hence, I created rajeshshuklacatalyst with the goal of making the complex easier. Initially, I launched rajeshshuklacatalyst as a personal blog where I tried to incorporate what I was learning in a simple, to the point and easy to use format.

But, rajeshshuklacatalysts has grown up than just being a one technology blog as we are reaching to more and more professionals around the world. It is now helping software developers, programmers and other IT professionals in shaping their careers, routine project work and transforming their lives.

What We Offer

One of the primary goals of this blog which makes it distinctive from others is the commitment toward its readers. It states that we’ll deliver high-quality content without any cost associated with it. So we’ll smartly unearth the simplicity lying in the lap of complexity. Be it software programming, browsers, platforms  and blogging or SEO concepts. Below is the glimpse of the functional areas where this blog will educate you.

Software Technology Areas.

Software Technology Areas.
1- QA interview questions, SQL, MYSQ Land Python tutorials.
2- Programming tips for C, Python, Java, C++ and Shell script.
4- Talk about Continuous Integration tools , Tomcat etc.

What We Commit

At rajeshshuklacatalyst, we strive to demonstrate the best experience for our users. That’s why we regularly update our tutorials and ensure their quality and correctness. We make sure every concept is explained with easy to understand examples. 

Also, we try to improve ourselves by creating fresh and innovative content as we too refer it time and again. It gives us the opportunity to help others by serving high-quality information about the topics of their interest.

That’s why our primary intent is to deliver improved content every time. We publish only quality information that could bring value to our readers.